Tax Deeds Simplified: Your Investment, Our Priority.

Deedify utilizes advanced data-driven technology to identify and provide lucrative tax deed investment opportunities for investors. Limited spots.

Profitable investment opportunities

Deedify’s technology enables us to provide lucrative tax deed investment opportunities for our clients, backed by advanced data-driven analysis. - Our Robots Scan Nationwide for Tax Deed Opportunities Every Single Day
Profitable investment opportunities

Secure investments

Our team of experts identifies and provides secure tax deed investment opportunities, ensuring optimal results for the investors. INVESTOR ASSURANCE: Secure a 120% Guarantee on Your Investment Property. For example, a $100k investment comes with a $120k assurance.

Secure investments

Advanced AI-driven technology

Leveraging the power of cutting-edge, AI-driven technology, we hunt for auction lists and investment chances for you. Once we spot them, our powerful robot dives into multiple data sources including Regrid, Redfin, Zillow, Realtor, RiskFactor, Niche, Google and more, to pull out all the important details. This makes sure we can make the best decisions, backed by solid data. Trust us, we turn complicated tasks into simple solutions.

Advanced AI-driven technology


How much does it cost?
When you invest with Deedify, you'll pay for the cost of the property you select. We'll then set up a partnership where you own half, and Deedify owns the other half. Your job is simple: cover the property purchase cost. Our job: we take care of everything else! We find the property, buy it, fix it up, handle all the paperwork, and sell it. When the property is sold, we split the profit 50-50. However, if you decide you'd rather keep the property instead of selling it, that's totally fine too. You invest, we work, and we all win together! For more details, join our waitlist and we'll chat about opportunities that match your goals.
Who is this for?
Our services are designed for both novice and experienced investors who are interested in unique real estate opportunities. Whether you're looking to diversify your investment portfolio or are seeking high-return real estate investments, our Robot-powered approach can provide a valuable edge. We particularly cater to those willing to embrace technological advancements in real estate investing for optimal profitability and growth.
What makes this different?
Deedify is special because we do the heavy lifting for you. We use smart AI robots to find great property deals all over the U.S, every single day. After you invest, we handle everything from buying to selling the property. The best part? We share the profits with you. It's a unique way to invest in real estate, without needing to be a property expert yourself!
What is a tax deed sale? Why is so good?
A tax deed sale is a public auction where properties are sold due to unpaid taxes. The highest bidder at the auction receives the property deed, effectively buying the property often at a price below its market value. This creates a significant opportunity for investors to potentially make substantial returns on their investment. In 2023, the total value of tax deeds sold in the United States alone was estimated to be $11 billion, showcasing the scale and potential of this industry!
How does the Robot technology work?
Our proprietary Robots scan a wide range of data sources to identify potential investment opportunities. It evaluates these properties based on several factors, such as location, market trends, and potential profitability, and recommends the most lucrative options.
What kind of properties do you deal with?
We deal primarily with properties identified in landbanks and through delinquent tax auctions, including sheriff sales and tax deed sales. These properties present significant opportunities for profitable investments.
Are there any risks?
Investing in real estate, like any investment, naturally comes with a degree of uncertainty. These could stem from market changes, property conditions or legal aspects. However, our aim at Deedify is to turn these uncertainties into calculated decisions. Our Robot-driven approach focuses on identifying the most promising properties and we have an expert team to address legal and property-related matters. With Deedify, you're not just investing, but you're also gaining a partner dedicated to making your investment as seamless and profitable as possible.
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